First time, when I had an idea to start cafeteria was in 2016 when I visited Cuba, because I've tasted the best coffee in my life. Until now, I've never seen cafeteria with Cuban motive serving Cuban coffee. In that moment there was a new idea to create cafeteria of such kind in Czech Republic. Negotiation with Cuba and preparations took years, but in the end we finally made it real. We opened the first cafeteria of this kind in Czech Republic. Here you can taste Cuban coffee, deserts, rum and drinks. We have brilliant atmosphere reminding Cuba and Carribean islands. Decoration of our cafeteria is authentic and original. In here you will truly experience Cuba and most importantly you will taste Cuba.


Exclusive Cuban coffee imported from plantations in mountains called Sierra Maestra located in eastern part of Cuba is our pride. Because of that, our coffee is unique and special-tasting. You won't find this anywhere in Czech Republic. We roast our coffee beans in our modest bean roaster, thanks to this, our coffee has unique and fresh taste. You will experience Cuba on your taste for sure.

cuba map


Our team consists only of professional, helpful and kind workers, which have the best qualification. Our crew is fast, reliable and our workers are alsways nearby. When some issue happens, don't hesitate to contact our crew. Cuban coffee beans our team traditionally roasts right our cafeteria. We prepare our best drinks using traditional and well-proven technology.